A Comparative Analysis Between Two Noted Tablet Pc Brands

The tablets are among the popular aspects of entertainment and tasking replacing the smartphones and mobile phones effectively. The tablets are the latest choice of this technical age where entertainment and multitasking will go hand in hand. The leading manufacturers of the world nowadays have successfully achieved in gaining the attention of the people these days. But, the upcoming and uprising companies cannot be left behind. They are also involved in such competitions to take over the market with lot of efforts.
About Tablet Pc - Touch Screen Tablets In India
Among the competing mobile manufacturers of the world, and particularly of India, the BSNL tablets and HCL tablets are reaching the top position by introducing their tablets loaded with good many features. The BSNL Penta IS703C and HCL ME U2 tablets can be compared successfully. With such comparison, people will be able to claim the best one suitable for them. The comparison will bring up some similarity and dissimilarity between the two models of the two brands.

The similarities possessed by both the models include the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The version is quite different between these two models but that wont be a problem. The integration of such technology is the most demanding choice of the users nowadays as it enhances the working speed of the process. Another similarity maintained by both the brands is the DDR3 RAM for smooth performance in addition. The external memory storage capacity of the two models is also similar as both the models are comprised with 32 GB expandable memory storage with micro SD card slot.

In-spite of being similar in various fields, some of the dissimilarities are also dominating the way. The version of the Android operating system is slightly different as the BSNL model contains the 4.0 version while the HCL model contains 4.0.4 version. The BSNL tablet is processed with Cortex A-8 processor, while the HCL tablet is powered with the Cortex A-9 processor. The internal memory storage capacity of HCL tablet is of 4 GB, whereas the BSNL tablet comes with 8 GB of massive internal storage capacity.

Several feedbacks have been received by comparing those tablets eventually. The pros and cons support the HCL tablet, and are far superior to BSNL tablet. Customers are highly suggested to buy the HCL tablet as it provides good network service, really affordable to buy, the experience of touch is really awesome, loaded with plenty of apps and games which are quite interesting and entertaining as well, the quality of the charger is really splendid, and the Google Play Store is highly appreciating. It is powered with Cortex A-9 processor which is remarkable and superior to the Cortex A-8 processor that the BSNL tablet comprises. People will have to know more about the features and specifications before coming up into a decision.

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