Android Iptv Box Brings A Seamless Integration Experience

For high-tech product users, this is an era of on demand contend and communication. After IN media’s announcement of their IP set box integration with Android operation system, we are now able to have seamless android experience from hand held devices to high definition large screen televisions.

Experience Seamless Integration With Android Based Devices

Definitely, while wonderful vision experience we get from the android HD smartphone, the touch screen tablet PC provides a better experience for us to surf the web, read e-books, watch video and movies, play games in styles, send and receive emails any time any place. It has strong function, high performance, good quality and comfortable touch screen as well as exquisite design. However, there are customers which would like to share, view, play and interact on high definition larger screen such as television that android tablet pc can not provide.

The android IPTV box with browser allows users surf the net, read email and watch IPTV such as Hulu, Netfilix and new streaming video service on a connected TV. In addition to the consumer side the boxes are also fully enabled to integrate digital signage and kiosks where public displays can be driven and adjusted on the fly through the browser. “Now the access to content is limitless, seamless, comfortable and familiar. This transitions the IPTV box into a smart computing device performing multiple tasks such as communication, content display, interactive games and business applications. This is truly a complete browser based system, not just a simple interface layered over a traditional broadcast television based menu,” said Dr. Karnik, the C.E.O of IN Media Corp.

Features Of Android IPTV Box

The smart set top box supports the Android 2.2 platform. For the first flash enabled Google web browsing set top box, it lets users surf web comfortable from the TV. 3 USB ports plus SD card slot make media play compatible in most formats. Just plug in your hard drive or SD card and view saved content, and then the hard drive will play and stream direct to your TV. Users can browser the whole web, bluetooth, wifi, ethernet available android tv player. Furthermore, it can connect to network by plugging network cable into RJ45 port and connect to HDTV output audio and video signal as well as supports full 1080s bluetooth and wireless keyboards. Come and visit for wider range of high tech products and compare prices from China reputable wholesalers. Besides, the box is very small which allows users to take it anywhere.

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