Apple iPad 4 may come with 16:9 display screen

As you know Apple company have came out many products such as iMac,iPod,iPhone,ipad,Now ipad mini and iphone 5 sell hot,many people may consider what the Apple’s next-generation product is.Here tell you something about this.

Apple products including the iPhone and iPad often get the big headlines. Prior to the release of a new product, there are a large number of forecasts of it. The third-generation new iPad just came out at this March, and the prediction about iPad4 is coming out now. Los Angeles technology industry analyst Paul Mueller issued research reports that Apple’s next generation iPad Tablet PC 16:9 widescreen display. There are three informed sources confirmed this news.

This shift of Apple iPad obviously used the iPhone5 standard. The iPad 4:3 screen modeled on the proportion of the paper, better able to adapt to most tasks, the 16:9 standard suitable for video playback, while this is not the iPad use most functions. Analysts said Apple Airplay Mirroring invested heavily in the next generation iPad using a 16:9 screen design, better integration with the function, and increase the degree of matching with the TV.

However, a product is always controversial birth, was applauded when there will be cold water. Apple’s move was also skeptical analysts believe that change not only the technical challenges facing the screen, there are possible negative impact user experience. For most users, iPad 10-inch display has been able to meet the various needs of users, increase the screen size of the iPad is not as on the iPhone so attractive.

That Apple iPad Tablet PC will use a 16:9 screen may lead to an adjustment of the ratio of the display. Perhaps more brands will use 16:9 screen in the near future.

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