How To Check For Android Updates On Your Android Phone

Android is a revolutionary operating coordination produced in part by internet giant Google . It is as a rule recognized in lieu of running the Nexus 1, Samsung Galaxy, LG Fender,and other mobile phones. While more or less refer to this phone as a standalone “Google Phone,” Google has made pains to increase in intensity awareness so as to nearby is nix such gadget.

The Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a grouping so as to includes machinery companies like Google, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, and others so as to has committed itself to creating free values in lieu of cell phones and other mobile procedure. The consequence of this is Android, a Linux-based mobile phone operating coordination, OHA’s essential item for consumption. This software was released with an receptive source license by Google in 2008. Since so as to moment in time, almost each major mobile phone manufacturer has ported Android to lone of their phones. Android is fast in advance traction in the cell phone marketplace, primarily due to the revolutionary receptive source development kit so as to has enabled a embarrassment of applications to turn out to be accessible to run on it. At the same time as of not on time 2009, Android is estimated to be inflicted with 3.5% of the smartphone sell. Current estimates hint at so as to Android will turn out to be the trice as a rule widespread mobile operating coordination by 2012, in front of Blackberry, Windows movable, and iPhone.

Automatic Android updates

One of the facial appearance of Android is its faculty to receive updated software as it becomes accessible. This keep posted highlight runs in the background, set to allow updates as they are “pushed” given away to the phones. Because nearby are so many Android based phones in use up, not all of them receive updates to the Android operating coordination by the same moment in time. Users of Android phones be inflicted with the option to delay until updates turn out to be accessible on their phone, or they can be an enthusiast of a unfussy procedure to manually check in lieu of Android updates. This functionality is a bunch like the Windows Update highlight found in Windows so as to downloads updates and asks you in lieu of go-ahead as they are set to install.

When missing to itself, the Android-based phone will place a notification on the phone’s native land screen and speedy in lieu of confirmation to install. Once the updates are usual, the user can work to device in order to confirm so as to the most up-to-date version of Android is right away on the phone.

Checking in lieu of Android updates

Power up the phone and press “Menu” to unlock it
Push the “Home” tone
Push the “Menu” button.
Touch the screen or use up the route-finder veer to top quality the “Settings” option.
Within the “Settings” menu, top quality the “About phone” option so as to is found towards the underside of the inventory. This option displays the version figure and build figure of Android so as to is running on the phone.
Touch the “System updates” option. This causes the phone to look in lieu of one further Android updates. If an keep posted is accessible, the phone will download and install it.
Creating a shortcut

There is an effort accessible called AnyCut so as to can help simplify the keep posted process by creating a shortcut to “Device info.”
Install AnyCut by up for grabs to Android Market, and at that time dash “Search” and type in “AnyCut.”
Create a shortcut on the phone’s desktop.
Choose “AnyCut” from the inventory and decide “Device Info” as the “Activity.”
Scroll to the come to an end of the inventory and press “Check in lieu of updates.”
Once the process has accomplished, exit to the native land screen anywhere you will be prompted to install the keep posted.
One of the strongest facial appearance of the Android mobile phone operating coordination platform is found in its faculty to receive updates as they turn out to be accessible. For individuals who can’t delay their excursion to persuade them, the blue-collar keep posted highlight is a benefit. Also, the security gain of Android updates be supposed to not be overlooked. At the same time as soon as vulnerabilities are naked, developers are able to correct them and distribute them without doubt to the phones to shelter users from hurt.

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