USB LED Light Dancing Water Fountain Speakers

Recently the USB LED Light Dancing Water Fountain Speakers is hot sale on many website and market,because its individuational features and appearance.This speaker is popular because it is different from traditional speakers,When it’s working the water will Dance.Here tell you some features of this speaker.

Product features:

1.through the music player volume and tone control water dance beats.
2.Compatible with all the music player for example,MP3/4,moblie phone,computer,iphone,ipad,ipod…etc.
3.Stand USB power plug,no battery power supply.
4.Outward appearance fashion,the use of simple,convenient,suitable for home and office.
5.100% non-toxic,harmless,environmental protection material.(plant filling liquid)

Product Usage:

1.The main speaker’s horn connecting wire connection to speakers.
2.Will connect the USB main speaker and computer equipment USB port.
3.At 3.5mm stereo audio source line connecting the main speakers and music broadcast equipment.
4.Adjust volume,immediately enjoy water dance speakers bring you pleasure.

Product Specifications:

Model: Lileng®-301
Output power: 3W×2
PortType: USB A mail to mini 5 pin 3.5mm audio joint
Wire length: 1m
Working current: 280∼600mA
Operating Voltage: DC5V∼4.5V
Weight: 274g±5g
Color: White

Part info:

B:Horn connecting
C:Source input terminal
D:Mini USB port
E:3.5mm source output terminal

Package content:
Daning water speakers×2
3.5mm stereo audio wire×1
USB power cord×1

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