Advantages Of LED holiday lights

If you kept a watchful eye on holiday lights this holiday season, you probably noticed that most of the holiday lights on the market are now made with LEDs. This is good news for your electricity bill because LEDs are exceptionally energy efficient. Some LEDs use as much as 90 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb that puts out an equivalent amount of light.

LED Holiday Lights

But there are other advantages to LED holiday lights besides energy efficiency.

LED Holiday Lights

Benefits of LED Holiday Lights

LED Holiday Lights

Advantage: No Burnt Bulbs

Not only are bulb failures costly, but they can also be a hassle, especially for sets of lights that do not stay on when a bulb burns out. In addition, if faulty bulbs are not replaced quickly, the rest of the bulbs may burn out faster because of increased voltage. LED failures are rare, and they generally last for at least 50,000 hours, at which point they will gradually start getting dimmer.

LED Holiday Lights

Advantage: Cheaper Energy Bills

LED holiday lights are less expensive to operate and will save you money on your electricity bill during the holiday season.

Advantage: Long Lasting

LED holiday lights have a long life span – as much as 25,000 hours. In fact, they will last so long you could use them for the next 40 holiday seasons.

Advantage: Vivid Colors

LED technology allows for dynamic control of color, which is why you’ll see many color choices in LED holiday lights – ranging from “cool” blue-tinged white to “warm” yellow-tinged light to every color in between.

Advantage: Durable

LED holiday lights do not contain fragile filaments or glass, so they don’t break as easily — making them kid and animal safe.

LED Holiday Lights


LED holiday lights offer many advantages compared to incandescent light sets, and as with anything, there are some drawbacks. In this case, the benefits certainly outweigh the disadvantages, making LEDs an ideal replacement for incandescent bulbs.

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