Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Mini is never out of date

Apple takes us to a new era-a finger time that you can play games, shop, and surf online with your fingers. You make orders by sliding, clicking, and pressing several buttons or icons. You dont have to sit in front of your desk to use your laptop with a keyboard and mouse. Its much cooler. Well, keyboard is still irreplaceable if it requires a lot of typing job. Typing on a keyboard is still the fastest way. And a portable Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Mini that doesnt take much space is never out of date.

This keyboard leather case for iPad Mini surely rocks. It combines a high quality leather case with a removable keyboard which can attach tightly on the case. The leather case sports a book style with sophisticated stitching, cutouts and finishes. Its foldable and can stand with an external fordable holder equipped outside. Inside of the case, there is a tpu cover to keep the iPad Mini safe on one side, and on the other side its for the keyboard. The design is ultra exquisite without affecting the normal use. Plus, it gets full protection from it.

So lets get back to the keyboard. Its a QWERTY keyboard in a smaller size. The keyboard is rubberized, soft, waterproof and light weighted. All the keys are sensitive and can function well. 3 light indicators are offered for different reasons: Bluetooth, Capslock and charge. Well, as you know, its a wireless keyboard with a Bluetooth v3.0 standard. So any smart device compatible with it can use this keyboard. Its easy to set up, too. First click the Bluetooth button. When the light indicator lights up, go to your iPad Minis generate setting->Bluetooth, turn on it and find the keyboard and click pair. Then follow the instruction it comes out and its done. With this keyboard in hand, you can type like a finger dancing.

And the most amazing part is that you can fold the case, put it in your bag and go away when you finish your job, without worrying about it getting damage or dirt in your bag. Plus, you can use it anywhere you have a seat. Lay it on your knee and start to type now. So easy. Besides, when you dont want to use the keyboard, just take it off.

Let’s have a look at the bluetooth keyboard now:

Product Features:
1 Bluetooth connecting with ipad mini
2 With exquisite protective case
3 support IOS system
4 Protect your New Ipad mini
5 More comfortable keyboard design
6 Perfect fit the ipad mini
Battery Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 130mAh
Product specification:
1.color  Black
2.battery capacity 130mA
3.working current  2.5—3.0MA
4.sleep current <0.2mA
5.Working voltage  3.7V
6.Uninterrupted use time: 80 hours
7.Key life 2000 W times
8.working day 25 day
9.working range 10m

Packing List:
1 x wireless Bluetooth keyboard
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User guide

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